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I wonder…by Anon

I smile as I wonder will you scrub yourself clean to remove all traces of me before you even leave.  The only trace of me a lingering sensation on your lips of our last kiss? Or is that too much?

I wonder will you ride the train back still smelling and tasting of me.  Reliving it all again, over and over until a growing need between your thighs is overriding all all other reason.  Something’s so primal it can not be denied. 

I wonder as you walk across the platform if the soreness a silent reminder. Are you already aching for the next time? 

In this moment l  wonder if you will you walk to the car park knowing that you need to wank like a desperate slut before even starting the car.

I wonder if you will obsess with making yourself look less like a come stained whore who has been fucked beyond good measure or if you are beyond caring now.  

I wonder will you duck into your flat quickly, worried that there might still be traces of my come on your skin, on your breath. Or will you sit there in the car with it still lingering in your cunt remembering it all. 

I wonder will you step into the shower and wash all traces of me away before or after you make yourself come again.

I wonder how long before you message me and ask for more.


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