silhouette of a shoot growing up out the ground and the quotes, What makes your come alive by Howard Thurman

Prompt #20 – What Makes you come alive?

“Ask yourself what makes you come alive.” ~ Howard Thurman

This quote ends with, and go do that. I have seen this used in reference to careers and work but so often statements like this come from a place a privilege. Motivational speakers who can’t imagine a life where someone does not have the choice to do this, that not everyone has the means (usually financial but not always) to change what they do and do the thing that makes them come alive. If only it was as easy as a motivation talk!

However I liked the quote out of that context. The idea of finding the things that make you come alive. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones and it is your job but also maybe not. That is OK too. But then what it is?

What makes you come alive? What is the thing that makes your ‘self’ sing. Maybe it sex with people you love or maybe it is baking bread. Maybe it is writing your book or painting. Maybe it coming home to your own little place or doing your garden or running a race. Maybe it changes depending on mood, maybe there are moments or there was a moment when you feel so perfectly alive that you wish you could capture them in a photo or a video.

So ask you yourself, what makes you feel so wonderfully alive? Write a list, tell me a moment or a person, a time or a place or write a story.

As always let the prompt inspire you in whatever way works for you and reveal your revelations here this week!

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