Posterised tear drop shape with layers to look like female genitals for prompt Cunt

Prompt #14 – Cunt

Cunt: Do you love this word? Do you hate this word?

Is it a word that you use for your genitals? Have you always liked it or is a word that has grown on you over the years? Does using it make you feel sexy? Do you like the power of that word?

Maybe you like it when someone calls you it? Within the context of a consensual kink relationship obviously. Pretty sure no one gets off on being called it by someone random but I could be wrong.

For all those people who love the word cunt there are, I am, sure equal number of folks who hate it. Maybe you are in that group. What about this word do you dislike? Does it have memories attached that you are not happy ones or maybe you just hate the way it sounds.

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