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A little pause

I am well aware that the key to a successful meme is never deviating from the schedule, whether that is weekly, bi-weekly or monthly stick to it. Habit is what keeps you going and what keeps other people going too.


I also said this year the choices I make and the things I do will try to be informed by the idea of what makes me happy and so with Eroticon looming I have decided to put the Revelations meme on pause just for a few weeks.

One of the other reasons is there are a few prompts coming up that I was really excited for but I now fear I just won’t have time to give proper attention to, and I don’t want to miss them so, as I started this meme just to help me blog more constantly I am going to do what works best for me. If you have written something for one of the upcoming prompts, hang onto it as they will happen once Revelations is back and ticking along

It will definitely be back, hopefully on the week of the 12th June but if not then definitely the 19th June. Keep an eye on the front page and I will post the dates of the upcoming prompts and the dates once I work them out. That will hopefully be later this week or next week.

In the meantime. Happy blogging, writing, creating, or pausing if that is what works for you.

Be right back


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