Love shaped sun setting over water with Paulo Coelho quote written over the top

Prompt #7 – Quote By Paul Coelho

“One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.”
~ Paulo Coelho

It is of course Valentines week but rather than making that the prompt I thought having something a bit broader but maybe related would be a better idea as Valentine Day can be tricky for some folks.

I picked this quote because unlike a lot of the love quotes it doesn’t say love makes you better, or transform you. It basically just says love exists and we can’t really explain it.

The human experience of love is one that we have spent the whole of human existence trying to write about, to understand, to capture in some way. Music, stories, art, love runs through it all, even those not directly related to love were maybe created with love.

There are many types of love, romantic, friendship, family, love for people, love for pets, love for what we do or a certain place.

So this quote by Paulo Coelho… Do you like it? What do you love? Do you feel you deserve love? Is love something you feel easily or something you struggle with? Is love over-rated?

As always let the prompt inspire you in whatever way works for you and reveal your revelations here this week!

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