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Introducing Revelations


When I told Michael I was going to start a new meme he looked at me like I was mad and said, but why?

It is a good question after all it is not like I have naff all else to do and so I had a think and realised the answer was simple

Because I want to.

I like having a prompt to inspire me when it comes to blogging. I also like the discipline of having a weekly task. Yes I might be showing my subby kink there, but there you go. It is basically the reason I started my blog in the very first place to force myself to write more and actually finish what I wrote. 13 years later I think I can say that was a resounding success.

After 13 years I am pretty good at knowing what keeps me going when it comes to blogging and so the longer answer to why start another meme is that I want the structure and discipline that a weekly meme with a prompt gives me.

So I am starting this meme totally for myself. If no one else joins in then no matter because I have invented it purely for selfish reasons but if others find it useful and join in too then, bonus!

So why not just write a list of prompts? Why go to the trouble of making a new meme?

Because the public aspect of it helps to hold me accountable and will make me stick to it.

See told you this was all about me. I am not remotely ashamed.

So that is the why now let’s deal with the when and how.


The first prompt will go live on the 1st January 2023.

Each prompt after that will be posted on Sunday evening and will be open for a week so you can join in on any day of the week that works for you.

There will be a list of upcoming prompts on the homepage so you can plan ahead. However some of the prompts will be pictures and so you will have to wait until the post is published to see what it is.


Write your post inspired by the prompt (or not as the prompt is optional) add the badge to your post, publish it and then link it here on the corresponding weeks post.

Your post can really be anything you like. It might just be an image or it could be fiction, personal essays, poetry etc.

It is pretty much as simple as that but please do check out the full set of rules to make sure your post complies.


  1. I started blogging a long time ago, 2013 I think. Back then I participated in weekly Wank Wednesday and I loved the way the weekly discipline of a prompt helped improve my writing. Recently I have struggled to post regularly and finish what I start. I think it is time to try some discipline again.

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